The Spotswood 9/11 Memorial

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The year after the 9/11 tragedy the officers of the SPOTSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY CLUB met to discuss future activities and projects. One of the ideas brought up at this meeting was the creation of a Spotswood memorial to the victims and heroes of the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001.

We called for a meeting to be held at Spotswood High School to discuss this proposal. This first meeting was attended by members of our town government, Knights of Columbus, Police Department, Fire Department and First Aid squad. At that meeting a design proposal was presented by The History Club, which proved to be very close to the final design of the Spotswood 9/11 Memorial. This design called for two marble "towers", which would rest on a pentagon shaped base.

A 9/11 Memorial Commission was established that evening, which had representatives of the above mentioned organizations, as well as a NYC Police Officer, the sister of a NYC Fire-fighter who perished in the World Trade Center, and a local man whose company took part in the clean up efforts. This individual was able to secure a section of a beam from the World Trade Center, which is incorporated into the Memorial. I had the honor of being chosen "Commissioner" of the Spotswood 9/11 Memorial Commission. Thank God I had a great committee of truly committed people to assist me!

The next task would be to raise the necessary funds. Since Memorials are traditionally paid for by private, not public funds, we made an appeal to the people and businesses of Spotswood through a mailer which netted several thousand dollars. The Knights of Columbus ran a dinner which raised close to two thousand dollars, and the students of the Spotswood High School History And Octagon Community Service Clubs were able to raise an equal amount. Our borough government was able to secure materials for the walkway area around the memorial, and our super Public Works Department once again provided many man hours in support of this community service Project.

A "Peace Pole" was added to the site, compliments of our local Rotary Club. We were later to have the good fortune of acquiring saplings grown from the trees which stood on the World Trade Center grounds.

All worked together to produce a 9/11 memorial with which our community of Spotswood can be proud, and which will forever remind us of the harsh lessons of that fateful day. At that very first meeting of the Spotswood High School History Club officers, a motto for the project was born. That motto became our creed, served as our inspiration, and is engraved on the memorial for all to see:

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001"

Frank Yusko, Chairman
Spotswood 9/11 Memorial and
Advisor, Spotswood H.S. History Club